Texas Constitutional Carry and Business Facilities

September 1, 2021

What should business facilities know about Texas “Constitutional Carry,” House Bill 1927, which goes into effect September 1? Although Texans 21 or older without a felony will no longer need a state-issued license to carry a pistol (either openly or concealed), there are public places firearms are not allowed even with constitutional carry, if you’re not a licensed peace officer. These locations include:

    • Schools (and within 1,000 feet of schools), buses and school-sponsored events
    • Hospitals and airports
    • Government buildings and polling places
    • Bars and other businesses that make 51% of their receipts from alcohol
    • Federal property and national park buildings
    • Courtrooms and correctional facilities
    • Amusement parks, sporting events and racetracks
    • Private businesses with signage posted outlawing weapons on their property*

*HB 1927 does not allow open or concealed carry in businesses that post the following Texas Penal Code signage:

  • 30.05 notice to prohibit the unlicensed carrying of a firearm on private property
  • 30.06 notice to prohibit concealed carry in place of business
  • 30.07 notice to prohibit open carry in place of business

Texans who do have a license to carry are exempt from the federal prohibition of carrying within 1,000 feet of a school (though not inside the school building) and are also allowed to carry on Lower Colorado River Authority government property, amusement parks and nursing homes if the facility has not posted signage mentioned above. If you have questions about facilities management and HB 1927, please call 210-495-1950 for more information about services we provide at Vanguard, including regulation safety management in business and industrial facilities.

*Information from this article was found from statesman.com