Telehealth and Digital Upskilling

September 13, 2021

Over the shoulder shot of a patient talking to a doctor using of a digital tablet

National Online Learning Day is recognized this September 15, and employers should note that digital upskilling of employees across all industries is a necessity, especially in telehealth. Investing in upskilling current and future telehealth workers is critical for this sector as it becomes more reliant on advanced technologies, such as remote diagnosis and remote surgery, electronic health records implementation, the adoption of AI, and data analytics of supply chain management and demand.

Healthcare employers will need to assess the digital literacy capacities of all workers, ranging from digital natives comfortable navigating new tech to industry veterans who are less familiar working in an online environment. Especially with how the pandemic has affected the online global landscape, an engaged workforce with improved digital competency will help ensure a high standard of patient care, as well as proper management of critical medical resources in times of rising demand. The UK’s National Health Service recommends three principles to guide digital workforce strategy:

  • Patient empowerment with interactive tools that allow patients to take a more active involvement in their self-care
  • Evidence-driven technology trusted by stakeholders
  • Time-saving technology to allow healthcare professionals to deliver a higher quality of care

Continued online education in navigating the digital landscape will be crucial in improving health care delivery. If you would like more information on healthcare facility management or inquiries on how we can assist you, give us a call at 210-495-1950. 

*Information from this article was found from Healthcare IT News and Forbes