Cloud Surveillance for Healthcare Facilities

October 26, 2021

The healthcare industry is increasingly turning to the cloud for security measures in safeguarding facilities. In particular, IT departments and the healthcare C-suite are opting for VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) for monitoring operations, patients and property. As a cloud-based service, VSaaS extends premises-based security to provide data to improve operations, reduce maintenance, and provide video retention solutions while being cost-effective and not having the limitations of older technology. 

Primary benefits of cloud-video surveillance include the ability to monitor patient care and safety, loss prevention, physical safety promotion and equipment performance monitoring, from anywhere at any time. With the strict compliance and safety requirements at healthcare facilities, cloud-based video management systems are providing comprehensive services to meet healthcare facilities’ needs. Several ways healthcare facilities have been using VSaaS to enhance security and monitoring include:

  • Remote access via mobile device or laptop for easier monitoring of high-risk patients, secure areas and transient movement
  • Remote IT support from cloud provider who can do regular security updates and upgrades remotely, reducing demand on in-house IT
  • Access to recorded video to add extra layer of security to healthcare facilities and to better manage supplies and materials
  • No need to buy and install new hardware when video retention requirements change
  • Always improving technology with inherent ability of VSaaS to learn, advance and scale to the organization it’s servicing

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