Reducing Construction Time with Prefabrication

December 21, 2021

The use of prefabricated materials can lead to key successes and outcomes in quality, safety, and cost in building construction projects. Prefabrication involves the manufacture and assembly of building components that can be transported to a construction site for quick building installation. According to the American Hospital Association, the advantages of using prefabrication include:

  • Quality control. Prefab construction occurs in a climate-controlled environment and can reduce the amount of rework and punch list items. Standardized parts and assembly can facilitate quality control and facility maintenance.
  • Safety. Equipment, lighting, and manufacturing processes can be streamlined for worker safety.
  • Speed to market. Prefabricated materials are ready to be installed with no waiting for assembly.
  • Waste reduction. Waste material can be reduced with careful calculation of material usage. 
  • Reduced cost. Building projects can reduce cost by knowing beforehand the exact pricing of parts. 
  • Reduction in labor. Building construction can be completed with fewer construction workers.

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