3 Commonly Missed Spots You Might Be Forgetting To Clean

March 22, 2022

Shot of an unrecognisable woman using rubber gloves and disinfectant to clean her home

Keeping a house clean is no easy task. This is especially true if you are also managing other things like work, kids, or school. However, if you set some time aside to get a little bit of spring cleaning done this year, you can get to all the spaces that often get overlooked on a normal basis. This will leave you feeling less stressed, and much healthier as dust build up can cause wheezing, asthma attacks and many other medical problems. To help you out we have put together a short list of places people often forget to clean:

  • Air Vents: The air you breathe in has a huge affect on your quality of life, so getting into those vents can make a big difference. You don’t want to be inhaling any harmful microorganisms. 
  • Washing Machine: You may be surprised to hear that your washing machine can actually be one of the most unclean spaces in your home, yet many of us do not clean it on a regular basis. 
  • Ceiling Fans: You can use a damp cloth to wipe these down if they are within reach, but if not there are brushes on the market for this exact purpose.
  • Trash Cans: We take the trash out on a normal basis, but many of us forget to wash out the container itself. Skipping this step increases the risk of odor buildup and insect attraction. 

If you get the chance and have any elderly people in your family, don’t forget to lend them a hand too. Oftentimes we find that as we get older it becomes more difficult for us to complete simple tasks. If you have any questions about senior care, or housekeeping be sure to contact us at (210) 495-1950 or email us at info@vanguardresources.com