Company Mission Statement and Culture

April 26, 2022

A group of excited entrepreneurs working on project indoors in office, celebrating successful contract.

In order for an organization to clearly define its goals and brand identity, it might first want to create a mission statement, or its reason for existing. When a company does this, it allows for people to see in a quick and concise way what the organization is all about. These statements can be helpful not only to customers, but also to employees as well since they tend to shape the company culture. 

Unfortunately however, while many companies write mission statements, most are unsuccessful when it comes to living them out. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but partly it is due to lack of follow through. If you want your mission statement to be successful, you can’t just write the words down and never look at them again. You have to focus your efforts into changing attitudes and behaviors within your company culture. 

In general, the culture a company has is essentially its ethos, or why and how it does what it does. This matters because we have seen that time after time, a good workplace environment produces higher employee retention and productivity. Most employees want their businesses to succeed, and when we create a mission statement it allows them to unite under a common goal. When done correctly, the mission statement should trickle from the top down. Employees should see their employers living by the core values of the company, and when they do they will be more motivated to do the same. 

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