Parking Lot Safety Tips

June 13, 2022

nightshot of a desolate parking lot (note: car has been altered for licence plate and logo)

The responsibility of creating a safe parking lot environment should be taken on by drivers, pedestrians, and employees. It is up to all of us to stay prepared for hazardous situations and have a plan to minimize risk of injury. Here are a few ways we can practice parking lot safety:

  • Area Lighting: As a business owner it is a good idea to ensure that there is sufficient lighting in your parking lot. Increased lighting improves visibility and makes people feel safer. Plus, lighting can also help security cameras capture better footage. 
  • Lock up: It may seem like common sense to lock up, but this is one of the easiest ways to prevent theft. Just take the extra five minutes to lock up your building, and car. Also consider locking your car immediately after getting inside of it to prevent anyone from attempting to get in before you take off. 
  • Keys: Have your keys ready to unlock your vehicle or building doors before you get there. You can also carry a personal alarm on your keychain just in case you need to alert authorities or call for help.
  • Map the Layout: It may be beneficial to map the layout of the building and parking lot to help your employees and visitors learn their way around. The less time they spend looking for their car in the parking lot, the less risk they have of an accident occurring in the parking lot. 
  • Remove Hazards: If you see something that looks out of place, investigate and determine whether or not it should be removed. For example, if there is debris on a sidewalk that could contribute to someone tripping and falling, move it out of their way. 
  • Signs: Similar to a map, it is important to have and read the signs around your lot. If you are the building owner, make sure that your landscaping team has removed any objects like tree branches that may be blocking your signs.
  • Security: If your building has a security team or a parking lot escort, feel free to use them to get to your vehicle safely. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Surroundings: Whether you are in your vehicle or just walking around the parking lot, try to be aware of your surroundings. By paying attention to where people and cars are can help you significantly when it comes to avoiding an accident.

Unfortunately, no matter what we do, accidents will happen. However, if we stay aware and prepared, we can minimize the risk of injury drastically. If you need assistance with parking lot safety or with hiring a responsive security team call us at  (210) 495-1950 or email us at today.