Raising Leaders In Your Facility

June 20, 2022

Multi-ethnic group of business persons standing side by side

“There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders, and continually develops them” – John C. Maxwell

As a Facility Manager, you can’t be everywhere 24/7, but you can still be successful by growing a capable team of leaders to drive your business when you are gone. If you can, begin developing leaders in your business early on. Discover which employees have what it takes to complete certain tasks, and see who takes initiative in leadership positions. 

Take the time to educate and teach your employees about leadership and challenge them to get out of their comfort zone. Understand that when they first start doing this they are likely to fail, but as the Wall Street Journal mentions, failing “offers valuable lessons that can add new skills, improve confidence, and solidify employee commitment.” This would be a great time to offer feedback and coach your employees through their mistakes. 

You can also try inspiring your employees to be passionate about their projects, and give them power to make certain decisions. When you let your employees be creative and problem solve, they can learn to be more confident in their decisions and practice their skills. 

Finally, don’t forget to lead by example. Not only does leading by example improve employee morale and build trust, but it also increases productivity and fosters a positive work culture. For more information about improving your facilities management skill set follow along with our Facebook page, or contact us at (210) 495-1950.