Improve Your Facility Using A Registered Dietitian

August 8, 2022

Dietitian speaking to a patient about nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for improving the quality of life of your facility residents. However, it typically takes a team to correctly tailor your facilities menu for everyone. This is where a registered dietitian can play a key role by sharing nutritional information that allows patients to stay healthy and make better dietary decisions.

In combination with your food service team, your registered dietitian will focus on regulatory standard compliance, safety, sanitation, and satisfaction. Their expertise can positively affect clinical outcomes, and lower the length of stay for some long-term patients. 

Registered Dietitians undergo comprehensive training and are held accountable to the highest standards of education and ethics therefore guaranteeing a continuous level of quality patient care at your facility. They are critical components to a strong and compliant program, and can drastically improve your state’s survey results.

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