What Is A Security Risk Assessment?

August 15, 2022

Parking security watching over the parking area. The security guard is protecting property from illegal parking and theft.

A security, or physical risk assessment (aka a threat assessment) is an evaluation of your facility to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in its physical security. These assessments are typically performed by security experts and include looking at all existing security measures and other aspects of each building. 

The goal of these assessments is to identify what physical security risks your property faces and take inventory of what specifically needs to be protected in order to plan in case of emergency. Physical threats can include things like burglary, trespassing, vandalism, theft, rioting, active shooting, and natural disaster damage. Heavily at risk items that you’ll want to keep safe can include people, merchandise, equipment, documents or anything else inside your facility that could be deemed at risk.

These assessments can make great differences when emergency events like active shootings arise. For example, while your school may have cameras, alarms, and access-controlled entrances, none of these items actually act as a physical barrier of defense if an active shooter enters the building. That is why physical barriers like bullet proof glass/doors, or on site security teams should be in place. 

Every facility should have a security plan that protects the welfare of its people, but if you don’t have a plan yet don’t worry we are here to help. Call us at (210) 495-1950 or email us at info@vanguardresources.com