Daily Breath of Fresh Air

October 4, 2022

Group of business people waking outside office building

The daily hustle bustle of the new office environment remains the least favorable Lifestyle. This is due largely in part to most employees remaining desk bound from morning till the evening. Long periods of sitting, according to the Mayo Clinic, increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Sitting for four or more hours a day is enough to cause health problems. This means that most office workers are engaging in unhealthy habits every single day just by showing up to work.

Not only is sitting for long periods bad for an employee’s health, but it’s also bad for their productivity. When an employee is stimulated, their cognitive skills increase. By this logic, sitting or remaining sedentary for extended periods of time can affect a person’s thinking.

Taking some time away can help refresh your employees mind and thus far be more periodic

Walking is one of the best exercises for employees to do during their time at work. It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s affordable. Best of all, it is time efficient since it does not take much time away from actual work.

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