Cleaning up your Desktop

October 18, 2022

Close up of hands typing on laptop. Night work concept.

Do you ever find your desk area cluttered? How about your desktop? Full of old files that are no longer needed?

Can you recall when you first sat at work space and everything was clean and and empty. Now its  6 months later your computer is slow and files have been sitting in folders and have not been touched in weeks. All these factor contributed to a slow moving computer.

A well maintained organized work space run smoothly and helps maintain the life your computer system. An excess of wanted items can and will effect your desktops It can be helpful to create ways to help archive files and create shortcuts to easily access your files. Cleaning out emails can also help free up space and increase the speed of your computer.

Increasing the performance of your computer can help the shutting down and rebooting your computer. This in return may help  your computer be more reliable and also help maximize your computer memory drive. The goal is to help run at high peak performance.

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