Under the Sea: Why an Aquarium just might help your facility

October 25, 2022

Workplace in the office over background of the aquarium

Fish tanks are popping up in more and more facilities, offices, and waiting rooms across the country. While this may appear to be a new design trend, studies show that aquariums offer actual health benefits for employees. Here are some reasons why a fish tank might be exactly what your facility needs.

Improves mood

Watching aquatics has been proven to lift one’s spirit, as was shown in a study by academics from Britain’s National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter. The study found that having an aquarium around helped to hold people’s attention for longer periods of time and improve their overall mood by creating a feeling of wellbeing.

Decreases heart rate and lowers blood pressure

The journal Environment and Behavior found that people who were exposed to aquariums experienced a decrease in blood pressure levels and heart rate. This was true even if aquariums had no fish, but people definitely prefer tanks with fish. Researchers aren’t sure why looking at fish swim has such positive effects on people, but even just five minutes of viewing can deliver results. The good news is you don’t need a huge tank or expensive fish to get the same results for your employees, researchers pointed out that a small tank works just as well.

To get the biggest benefit, decorate your tank as opposed to having an empty one. Also, tanks with more fish are more effective in creating a relaxing ambiance for your organization. Watch as a fish tank can evoke your inner child. Now not just big fancy office have them but yours can too.

Anyone who has ever owned a fish tank can tell you it can be a lot of work to maintain, but there are companies who provide aquarium services, including setting up the tank and maintaining it. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to improve the mood—and health—of your employees. For ideas or assistance in purchasing a fish tank for your facility, visit Aquatics Interiors at https://www.aquatic-interiors.com/.

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