Space heaters Safety 101

November 9, 2022

Office Meeting

The use of space heaters in offices is common in the winter. Even in warmer climates, winter mornings can bring on a chill. While these seemingly harmless devices may be an efficient way to heat a cold or drafty space, they can pose certain safety hazards when used incorrectly.

Even though a space heater does not have an open flame, the heating elements of some units are hot enough to cause nearby combustibles ignite. Fires can also be caused by improper heater use or faulty wiring. Additionally, burns can result from contact with the heating element or hot surface. Taking appropriate safety measures is vital to preventing an accident. It is also important to review space heater policies with building management prior to purchase or use.

Space Heater Safety Precautions

  • Highly Flammable – Make sure your space heaters are not near any flammable objects including clothing or drapery. Placing them near these objects can lead to a fire. Keeping space heaters away from these dangers will ensure that you are saving preventing any potential dangers.
  • Always Turn Off – When leaving a room, make sure to turn the space heater off. Leaving a space heater unattended is another potential fire hazard. Additionally, to heat up they use quite a lot of energy. Ensuring you turn your space heater off not is not only safer but also more cost-efficient as well.
  • Even Surface – Never place space heaters on an uneven or elevated surface or in an extension cord as this is also a fire hazard. Space heaters should be placed on the ground and plugged into a wall outlet at all times.
  • Inspect Cord Before Use – Make sure the cord to the space heater is not damaged. Damaged cords pose the risk of fire and electrical shock.

For more information on space heater safety please contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission or The US Department of Energy or for specific information regarding your facility, please contact Vanguard Resources directly.