Calculating your facility’s energy efficiency

January 15, 2023

Jan 15, 2023

The Department of Energy (DOE) has a wealth of resources on its website for facility managers to improve their energy efficiency. One of the best tools available is the Commercial Building Energy Asset Score, which is a voluntary national scoring system to help assess a building’s energy-related systems independent of operations. The score is meant to facilitate cost-effective investment in energy efficiency improvements by allowing building owners and managers to compare their building against their peers and to track building upgrades over time.

The score takes into account building envelope, the mechanical and electrical systems, and other major energy-using equipment, such as commercial refrigeration. The score

is generated by simulating building performance under a standard set of typical operating and occupancy conditions. It only focuses on building’s physical characteristics, not including operational variations, in order to better compare with buildings operated differently.

You can generate this score yourself, using the DOE’s online tool. Simply visit their website to download their Data Collection Form (you can choose either the short form or the long form). There are even charts available to help you focus on your building’s most important data. Once you have the data, register for an account and use the free tool to generate your score.

The Asset Score Report includes the following information:

  • Potential source energy use
  • Source energy use intensity
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Source and site energy use breakdown by end use
  • Range of energy savings and costs associated with upgrades
  • System-level (e.g., lighting, HVAC, hot water systems, etc.) evaluations
  • Basic building information, including year built, climate zone, building type, etc.
  • List of building asset properties (entered by users and used to model the building)

Scores range from 1 to 10, with an 8.5 or higher being considered high efficiency. You will receive not only your current score but also a potential score based on identified upgrades. You can use your Commercial Building Energy Asset Score as a benchmark to help achieve your energy efficiency targets more quickly and cost-effectively. The process will also help identify if you’re qualified for energy efficiency rebates.

For help with increasing the efficiency of your facility, contact Vanguard Resources.