Lead by Example

February 6, 2023

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional -John C Maxwell

Growing a capable team of leaders is vitally important to the success of any facilities manager who can’t be everywhere 24/7.

Helping your facilities management team cross that great divide from being passive worker bees to agents of change requires a special commitment on your part.

As before, you’ll need to set the table (being a good example) to make it easier and safer for team members to accept change often, act on it when necessary and continue moving forward.

1. Embrace change in your management style.

To lead effectively, you must learn to “hug” change if you have any hope of helping your co-workers accepting it. Change isn’t easy, but it’s easier to manage and teach it if you’re already a true believer.

2.  Be prepared to answer questions from team members and gain their trust.

Before changes begin, the facilities manager must take time to explain them clearly and positively to earn the trust of his/her team.

But remember that this is a two-way conversation. Team members will have questions, and it’s up to you to address them on the spot. Some may raise valid concerns while others may use that time to complain.

Your ability to frame these conversations constructively, persuasively and positively will determine how well these changes will succeed.

Also, give your employees as much time as you can spare to become knowledgeable about the changes at hand, and be prepared for more questions.

3. Communicate a sense of urgency.

This is where a facilities manager’s leadership skills face the biggest test: Communicating a sense of urgency that spurs team members to take action. In fact, some management experts believe embracing change starts here.

There are plenty of reasons why people resist change, ranging from a loss of job security to fears of the unknown.

Creating URGENCY means making a compelling case that the status quo isn’t profitable, comfortable or competitive for your organization. But you need to convey the urgency of change calmly and confidently without alarming your team.

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