7 Ways to Improve Your Winter Emergency Plans Today

7 Ways to Improve Your Facility’s Winter Emergency Plans Today

September 19, 2014

Earlier this year, we reminded you about reviewing your emergency preparedness checklist to be ready in the event of severe summer weather (hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes). With the football season in full swing and the leaves beginning to turn from …

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Protect Your Workers From the Heat With the OSHA App

Protect Your Workers From the Heat With the OSHA App

July 17, 2014

With a record-breaking winter in America still a lingering memory, it’s hard to imagine facilities managers and their employees who work outdoors aren’t more than a little thankful to be sweating in warmer weather. Just because summer weather has arrived, …

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Measuring Facility Water Costs Never Stops

Measuring Facility Water Costs Never Stops

May 29, 2014

The old adage, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, has never been more important for the facilities manager than how it applies very directly today to water usage in their buildings. Considering the price of water in America doubled …

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Stop Corrosion in HVAC Systems

August 15, 2013

Along with boiler maintenance, facilities managers always need to stay way ahead in the never-ending battle to prevent and/or put an end to corrosion in HVAC systems. The stakes are high for facilities managers and their clients, as HVAC systems …

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Learn The Truths About Healthcare Code Enforcement

January 16, 2012

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction when it comes to the codes and standards that govern facility management protocol. Serious consequences face healthcare agencies when compliance standards are neglected. Among other repercussions, a healthcare organization’s non-compliance may provoke governing agencies …

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Severe Thunderstorm & Lightning Preparation

November 4, 2011

Thunderstorms can be exciting to watch, especially from the safety of your warm, comfortable couch. Besides staying dry, here’s another good reason to stay inside (and off the phone): each year, more people die from being struck by lightning than …

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Vanguard Resources Congratulates Employees with Coins of Merit

October 26, 2011

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Positivity self-perpetuates, even in the workplace. This fact is what inspired Vanguard Resources Facility Management to create their very own, very special coin of merit program. The program’s creator, Dustin Powers, Vanguard Resources’ Chief Information Officer …

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Preventing an Office Epidemic

October 19, 2011

Epidemics affect and jeopardize all facets of day-to-day business. Rapid, rational response during an illness epidemic or disaster can save your life, the lives of your employees and your business as a whole. Make sure your facility has a “just …

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Horseplay is No Laughing Matter

October 4, 2011

According to the dictionary: Horseplay means rough fun. Fooling around means doing foolish, useless things. A fool is a person with little or no judgment or common sense. Safety Has NO Sense of Humor Working safely requires knowledge, attention and …

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