installing a 17 day whole house emergency generator for hurricane season.  rr

How to prepare for an oncoming hurricane

July 20, 2018

Know your hurricanes Many of your pre-storm decisions will depend on the kind of hurricane that is approaching your facility. Therefore, it’s important to know the details of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, which you can find on the National Oceanic …

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Jacksonville, FL, USA - September 11, 2017; Flood waters engulf a parking garage in downtown Jacksonville, FL after Hurricane Irma took an unexpected turn and caused massive power outages and coastal flooding around the state.

How to quickly and safely recover from a hurricane

July 11, 2018

July is emergency month at Vanguard, and our goal is to help you prepare your facility for any and all emergencies that may come your way.   Hurricanes can be destructive, not only for what damage they can do during …

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"Hurricane evacuation route road sign on Sanibel Island, Florida.My Personal Collections:"

Creating an Emergency Action Plan

July 5, 2018

July is emergency month at Vanguard, and our goal is to help you prepare your facility for any and all emergencies that may come your way, including hurricanes.   According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, every …

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How to winterize your facility

November 15, 2017

As the line goes, “winter is coming”. Here’s how to get your facility ready for the challenges that winter can bring, including cold temperatures, ice, snow and winter storms. A little preparation can help you get through winter with as …

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Stay open for business even when disaster strikes

September 13, 2017

We have run several articles on how to prepare for various disasters, including hurricanes, active shooters, tornadoes and more. But one thing we haven’t covered in detail, which is key for properly recovering from the effects of any disaster, is …

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An ounce of pre-mortem is worth a pound of post

August 16, 2017

In a crisis, your brain doesn’t work properly. Your hippocampus, which is responsible for processing memories, hits the stress button and releases cortisol into your system. It then shuts down until there is enough of the chemical circulating in your …

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Hurricane preparedness for your facility

August 3, 2016

Hurricane season is here, and August and September are the months with the most activity and typically the biggest hurricanes. Unlike tornadoes, you usually have warning several days before a hurricane strikes. That will be enough time to accomplish some …

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CHP Systems Provide Resilience, Savings

CHP Systems Provide Resilience, Savings

December 14, 2015

The essence of any facility’s energy master plans must go beyond fixing and replacing broken systems one plug load at a time, and focus on what’s best and most economical for the future of your infrastructure. With weather becoming less …

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Considering UPS Systems Protection

Considering UPS System Protection?

September 18, 2015

For facilities, providing access to a reliable emergency power source, particularly during unstable weather conditions, is a critical, necessary part of an overall energy master plan. However, the demands change when you’re managing a healthcare facility, the most vulnerable of …

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Are Your Emergency Power Sources Ready?

Are Your Emergency Power Sources Ready?

July 17, 2015

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season may have been an uneventful one so far, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for any other extreme weather events your facility could face over the year. The most important thing you can …

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