Master a Mentoring Program

February 8, 2013

Mentoring is an important aspect of facility management. For many years, it has proven to be an effective program that can help facilitate learning and a sense of community among a facility’s employees. In order to master a mentoring program, …

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The Pros of Building Information Modeling

January 25, 2013

In today’s age, utilizing digital tools can be beneficial for facilities and facility managers. Building Information Modeling (BIM) for example, provides an opportunity to enhance facility management and operations. BIM is a process that develops a three-dimensional representational documentation of …

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Maintain a Successful Intergenerational Team

January 18, 2013

Every facility employs people of multiple generations; from the “Silents” to the “Baby Boomers” to Generations “X” and “Y.” Each generation has similar values, from the importance of trust and respect to the desire to make a change in the …

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Stop and reset button

Properly Prepare for a Hospital Electrical Shutdown

January 3, 2013

Power outages and electrical system shutdowns can happen at any time. It is important for healthcare facilities to properly prepare for an electrical shutdown through testing and risk assessments. By taking the appropriate measures to prepare, a healthcare facility can …

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Achieve Success with Converged Communications

December 14, 2012

Healthcare facility communication is a continually evolving process. Over the last several years, technology has become an dominant factor in our everyday lives. Now, with converged communications, technology has found an influential place in healthcare facilities across the nation. Converged …

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Manage Your Healthcare Facility Like a Pro

November 1, 2012

Being a successful healthcare facility manager requires more than just an abundance of leadership skills. Successful healthcare facility managers are responsible for a plethora of duties that help facilitate the success of a healthcare facility. These responsibilities, which include plant …

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Finance 101 for Facility Management

October 24, 2012

Sometimes it can be difficult for facility managers to effectively communicate worksite success and needs to CEOs. Facility Managers have one language, and CEOs have another. A significant portion of a CEOs lingo centers around finance. The first part of …

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BetterBricks & Kalispell Regional Medical Center Pioneer Energy Efficiency

September 19, 2012

Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) in Kalispell, Montana recently did something revolutionary. They invited teams of facility operations and energy efficiency experts into their facility to conduct a 10-year long investigation of energy savings, energy wastes, and methodologies and tools …

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Stopping Things From Heating Up

August 15, 2012

Last week we reviewed ways to reduce heat-induced illness. It’s the height of summertime and precautions must take primary importance. As carefully as you prepare to combat heat-induced illness, incidents still may occur. The difference between a great team leader …

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The Importance of Water, Rest & Shade

August 9, 2012

Although the summer is ending, the heat is not. Across the nation, cities regularly hit 90º, 98º and even 100º+. Site workers on outdoor worksites must cope with the daily risk of heat illnesses ranging from heat rash, to heat …

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