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asian chinese white collar worker back to work after quarantine with new SOP and social distancing illness prevention safety precautions

Preparing Your Company for Re-Opening Amidst COVID-19

December 16, 2020

As many businesses are thinking about reopening or in the midst of it, it is important each organization pays special attention to safety protocol. Here are a few key points to keep in mind to ensure safety is at the …

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Air purifier in modern office for fresh air and removal dust PM 2.5

Find the Right Air Purifier for Your Office

December 10, 2020

Around allergy or flu seasons, air purifiers are particularly useful. Many businesses opt to utilize an air purifier in their building to keep their staff safe and healthy. Here are the top five types of air purifiers that we recommend. Ultraviolet …

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High school students at school, wearing Face masks. Teenage boy sitting at the school desk, looking away and thinking.

Socially Distanced Activities for Your School

December 4, 2020

Teaching our nation’s youth is a tall order at any given moment. We understand that the pressure on teachers to keep students engaged is especially high now. Here are a couple of ideas for your classroom whether your school is …

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Refocusing on Core Competencies

November 20, 2020

Core competences are unique. They give your company a competitive advantage within your industry. These competencies help your business stand out amongst the crowd. Often times, as companies grow, these core competencies can get lost in the shuffle. Here are …

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Long-Term Landscaping Tips and Tricks

November 13, 2020

Good groundskeeping is truly an art. It takes a special balance between understanding the needs of the humans, the wildlife and the land to craft an ideal, comprehensive plan. Here are a few pointers we found useful when thinking about …

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Building Long-Term Client Relationships

November 5, 2020

Building relationships between your company and various clients is vital to ensuring a positive reputation for your brand. There are many ways to impress your clients no matter what. Here are some tips to help you become a stronger partner …

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Project manager working with Gantt chart planning, tracking milestone and deliverables and updating tasks progress, scheduling skills, on virtual screen with city background (Project manager working with Gantt chart planning, tracking milestone and de

Take Your Project Management to the Next Level

October 28, 2020

Looking for ways to enhance your company’s project management processes? Look no further: Vanguard Resources is here to help. In this article we will outline three easy and effective ways to make sure your project management is top notch. 1. …

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Small children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.

Safely Reopening Your School

October 21, 2020

As we’ve seen across the country, schools are slowly starting to open back up. Some have experienced success stories and others the opposite. Looking at the successes, here are a few key components of safely reopening your school. The most …

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