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    Publicly available HCAHPS scores can determine whether patients choose your hospital next time they need medical treatment.

    Our housekeeping services at health care facilities go beyond the daily cleaning tasks in order to increase patient satisfaction. Vanguard Resources employs some of the following strategies to regularly increase HCAHPS scores for our health care facility clients:

    • Scripting for all housekeepers, ensuring friendly, consistent communication, and other employee training
    • ESL classes for employees at no cost to them for improved communication with patients
    • Internal satisfaction surveys
    • Hospitality cards that detail who cleaned the room and where to call if they need anything
    • Proper equipment size and utilization to enhance productivity (we will provide any need equipment)
    • Improved utilization of bed tracking software/system for improved bed turnover
    • Added value second shift turn down service for enhanced communication
    • Computerized Cycle Cleaning Program
    • "Roving Team" to support project work and floor care projects
    • Quality assurance program
    • Regularly scheduled formal and informal rounds
    • Unitizing

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