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    Improve your hospital’s patient care, cleanliness and operational efficiency with our integrated facility management services:

    Plant Operations & Maintenance

    Optimize hospital service quality with management solutions that implement efficient operating policies, inspections and skills training. Our team helps boost client HCAHPS scores and service performance and meets health compliance standards with trained, healthcare facility managers. We help you cut costs by providing maintenance software assistance, inventory tracking and budget planning.

    Housekeeping & Linen Management

    Increase patient comfort and HCAHPS scores by outsourcing housekeeping and linen management services to us. We make sure your facility exemplifies consistently clean rooms and bedding with our QA-driven daily linen management, comprehensive floor cleaning and task list training.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Meet TJC, DNV and OSHA compliance standards with our site-based safety experts (CHFM, CHSP, HEM, CHEP) and ISO 9001-lead auditors.

    Food & Dietetic Services

    Enhance dining experience and food quality with a customized food and nutrition program. We design delicious menus items to staff preferences, and our Dietitian Direct service offers a licensed dietician to build healthy entrees. You can lower food service costs and improve patient and employee satisfaction with our food and nutritional services.


    Secure the welfare of patients, staff and property with a comprehensive security management plan. We provide diligent patrol, security risk assessments and prevention, activity reporting, and surveillance. Keep your hospital protected with our responsive security services.

    Clinical Engineering Maintenance

    Maintain operative medical technology and the wellbeing of patients by employing a specialized clinical engineering maintenance. We inspect, test and monitor your life-saving clinical equipment and proactively ensure it complies with safety standards. Extend facility equipment life and reduce your costs with our clinical engineering services.

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