Data center servers lit up and pass information

The Energy Challenge

Data centers are energy-intensive operations and their power demand continues to rise as our reliance on digital services grows. According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), data centers consumed about 200 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity globally in 2019, equivalent to about 1% of total electricity consumption worldwide. This number is projected to increase significantly without a concerted …

Security guard seated and looking at several monitors.

The First Line of Defense

Security personnel are the first line of defense for any facility. They are responsible for safeguarding not just the physical assets but also the people within the premises. Vanguard Resources understands the importance of this role and ensures that security personnel are highly trained and equipped to handle various security challenges. Ensuring Safety: Safety is paramount in any facility, be …

A University campus as seen from above

Facilities Management:The Backbone of University Campuses

Facilities management encompasses the efficient operation, maintenance and optimization of a university’s physical assets. These assets include classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, recreational spaces and more. The goal is to create an environment that fosters learning and well-beingfor students. The Growth of University Campuses The growth of university campuses has been nothing short of remarkable. Institutions are expanding their physical footprints to …