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    Improve your facility’s operational efficiency and production with our integrated facility management services:

    Plant Operations & Maintenance

    Keep facility operations running smoothly and efficiently with professional operations management services. We provide a comprehensive plan that cuts costs and supports multiple faculties including operating procedures, project management, equipment maintenance, computer support and budget planning. Our personnel works harmoniously with your team, and our management services meet regulatory and safety compliance.

    Janitorial Services

    Equip your company with a dependable janitorial team to keep your facility clean, safe and operational. Our janitorial services offer extensive custodial care that provides a consistently operational and well-kept environment that meet health and safety compliance standards.

    Food, Vending & Catering Services

    Enhance your workplace’s dining experience with a customized menu and nutritional services. We design delicious menus items catered to staff preferences, provide convenient vending options and offer catering services to support facility events. You can lower food service costs and improve patron satisfaction with our food services.


    Maintain your facility’s grounds and appearance with a professional groundskeeping program. Our services include lawn care, gardening, outdoor space management, general maintenance, and waste and litter removal. Reveal a distinguished facility with our reliable groundskeeping services.


    Secure company property and the welfare of employees with a comprehensive security management plan. We provide diligent patrol, security risk assessments and prevention, activity reporting and surveillance. Keep your facility protected with our responsive security services.

    Project Management

    Our project management team will help your business coordinate, budget, plan and supervise your construction projects from the startup phase to final completion.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Meet TJC, DNV and OSHA compliance standards with our site-based safety experts (CHFM, CHSP, HEM, CHEP) and ISO 9001-lead auditors.

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